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The Archive

Welcome to the Seventh Layer Archive. Here, you will find an updated list of every available episode and the media shared during each episode. 

Episode 1

13 Scary Ghost Stories 

In this episode, Emma and Fiona tell each other 13 scary ghost stories to celebrate the first October Friday 13th in 6 years.

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Episode 2

Annabelle | Fact vs Fiction

Today we talk about the history behind the infamous haunted doll known as Annabelle.

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Episode 3

Declassified | The Government and UFOs 

Today we talk about the government’s involvement in UAP reports and the rise of reports in the past 5 year. 

[No Media] 

Episode 4

Nightmare in Villisca | The Axe Murder House 

Today we talk about the chilling events surrounding the Villisca Axe Murder House and the many suspects who were never convicted. 

[No Media] 

Episode 5

Spirits Behind Bars | The History of Alcatraz

Today we talk about the hauntings and events surrounding the infamous haunted prison, Alcatraz. And a weird amount about Al Capone. 

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Episode 6

House of Shadows | The Snedeker Family

Today we look into the history and paranormal activity surrounding the home of the Snedeker Family, the former Hallahan Funeral Home. 

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Episode 7

Whispers of the Forgotten | The Island of Dolls

Today we talk about La Isla de las Muñecas, aka the Island of Dolls, aka the island with more spiders than ghosts.

[No Media] 

Episode 8

Haunting in West Pittston | The Smurl Family

Today we discuss the chilling story of the Smurl family’s 8-year-long residence in their Northeastern Pennsylvania home. 

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Episode 9

Beyond the Shadows | Cryptids of West Virginia 

Today we talk about two of the most well-know cryptids of West Virginia, the Flatwoods Monster and the Mothman. 

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Episode 10

A Yule Tide Terror | The Story of Krampus

Today we talk about the lore and history of Krampus, and get into the Christmas spirit. Merry Christmas everyone! 

[No Media] 

Episode 11

Icy Encounters | The Yeti

Today we take an in depth look at the elusive Yeti, aka the Abominable Snowman, and the stories shared throughout human history.

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Episode 12

Beyond the Barrens | The Jersey Devil

Today we hear about the birth and legend of New Jersey's very own Jersey Devil.

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Episode 13

Spirits in the Sanctuary | Haunted Churches 

This week we take a dive into the history of some of the most infamously haunted churched from around the world.

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Episode 14

Left to Ruin | The Mudhouse Mansion 

Today we take a dive into the hauntings and history of the infamous Mudhouse Mansion, as well as the previous residents of the strange property.

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Episode 15

Spiritualism in the Bible | The Spiritualism Saga Pt. 1 

Today we kickstart a brand new series on spiritualism and religion, and discuss spiritualism in the Bible.

[No Media] 

Episode 16

Hidden in Plain Sight | The Spiritualism Saga Pt. 2 

Today we begin our dig into the truth behind the Antichrist, the Illuminati, and of the Eye of Providence.

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Episode 17

Into the Dark | A History of Demonic Influence 

Today we take a closer look at the difference between Biblical vs modern depictions of demonic activity.

[No Media]

Episode 18

Beyond the Veil | The Spiritualism Saga Pt. 3

Today we go back in time to discuss the history of spiritualism in the victorian era. 

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